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About Mosko & Associates

Mosko & Associates is at the forefront of intellectual property (‘IP’) legal services in The Bahamas. It distinguishes itself from other firms through its wealth of IP knowledge and experience. Since the firm’s establishment in 1983, it has become one of the most active in the field because of its leader, Katina Mosko, who has procured plaudits as “a first rate IP counsel” for her responsiveness, expertise and acumen.

The firm’s domestic and international clientele has grown and includes multi-national and private corporations, leaders of the alcoholic beverage industry, fashion design, pharmaceutical and computer houses, electronic companies and banking and financial services institutions.

Mosko & Associates has an extensive IP practice which provides comprehensive services from investigation, prosecution of applications for the registration of Trade Mark and Patent rights to IP dispute resolutions and agreements.

Mosko & Associates boasts of having the only computer database in The Bahamas which provides information in respect of Bahamian registered trade marks.

News Snapshots


Multi-class applications are not supported by Bahamian trade mark law outside of specific circumstances. Due to dissimilar practices and confusion in the application of the law, the Registry has confirmed that there is no legal support to register multi-class applications for trade marks unless the mark is related to standardisation of goods.


Value Added Tax was implemented in The Bahamas as of 1st January 2015 with the standard tax rate of 7.5%. The introduction of this tax impacts Intellectual Property services supplied in The Bahamas. Where rights are to be enforced inside The Bahamas, the legal fees will be subject to VAT at 7.5 % unless holders of rights or assets want to select The Bahamas as the governing law jurisdiction. The nature of the system is far-reaching. Unlike other jurisdictions, such as the EU, where goods and services sold to customers outside of the EU are normally not subject to VAT, VAT does apply to IP services sold to customers outside of The Bahamas. For more information, see here.


The IP Committee, formed in November 2013 and co-chaired by Katina Mosko, has been holding meetings to address members’ concerns over the wide ranging requests for disclaimers that issued from the IP Registry. Speaking to the issues, the executive members met with the Registrar and the Deputy Registrar to understand the exercise of this discretionary power – especially in applications which had been unconditionally approved and published as well as those requested on renewals. In response, the Deputy Registrar has explained that the files are undergoing a second review as some of the requests for disclaimers may have been sent in error. This meeting demonstrates a collaborative relationship between industry and the IP Registry.

Recommended By

Mosko & Associates has been ranked by WTR 1000 – The World’s Leading Trademark Professionals consecutively since 2013 - receiving high praise for its “consistently excellent service” due to its reliability, efficiency, organisation and ability to navigate around difficulties.

Mosko & Associates, notably Katina Mosko, has been named in the rankings of WTR 1000 – The World’s Leading Trademark Professionals consecutively since 2013. WTR 1000 is published by World Trademark Review which researches trade mark practices and practitioners throughout 70 jurisdictions worldwide to produce its annual directory.

Within these editions, the firm received high praise for its “consistently excellent service” due to its reliability, efficiency, organisation and experience. Katina Mosko received plaudits as “a first-rate IP counsel” for her responsiveness, expertise and acumen. Mosko & Associates is also well recognised for its computerised trade mark database as well as its aptitude where assignments are concerned.

Our most recent ranking can be found here.

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