International Classifications: Until the pending new legislation is ratified, The Bahamas does not subscribe to the International Classification of Goods and Services.

Local Classifications:

 Class 1 Chemical substances used in manufacture, photography and anti-corrosives.
 Class 2 Chemical substances used in agricultural, horticultural, veterinary and sanitary purposes.
 Class 3 Chemical substances used prepared for use in medicine and pharmacy.
 Class 4 Raw and partly prepared vegetable, animal and mineral substances used in manufactures, not included in other classes.
 Class 5 Unwrought and partly wrought metals used in manufacture.
 Class 6 Machinery of all kinds, and parts of machinery, except agricultural and horticultural machines included in Class 7.
 Class 7 Agricultural and horticultural machinery, and parts therefore.
 Class 8 Scientific instruments and apparatus for useful purposes.
 Class 9 Musical Instruments.
 Class 10 Horological instruments.
 Class 11 Instruments, apparatus and contrivances not medicated, for surgical or curative purposes, or in relation to the health of men and animals.
 Class 12 Cutlery and edge tools.
 Class 13 Metal goods not included in other classes.
 Class 14 Goods of precious metals including imitation of such goods and jewelry.
 Class 15 Glass.
 Class 16 Porcelain and earthenware.
 Class 17 Manufacturers form mineral and other substances for building or other decoration.
 Class 18 Engineering, architectural and building contrivances.
 Class 19 Arms, ammunition and stores.
 Class 20 Explosive substances.
 Class 21 Naval Equipment not included in Classes 19 and 20.
 Class 22 Carriages.
 Class 23 Cotton yarn, sewing cotton.
 Class 24 Cotton piece goods of all kinds.
 Class 25 Cotton goods not included in other classes.
 Class 26 Linen and hemp yarn and thread.
 Class 27 Linen and hemp piece goods.
 Class 28 Linen and hemp goods not included in other classes.
 Class 29 Jute yarns and tissues.
 Class 30 Silk, spun, thrown or sewing.
 Class 31 Silk piece goods.
 Class 32 Silk goods not included in other classes.
 Class 33 Yarns of wool, worsted or hair.
 Class 34 Cloth and stuffs of wool, worsted or hair.
 Class 35 Woollen and worsted and hair goods not included in other classes.
 Class 36 Carpets, floor-cloth and oil-cloth.
 Class 37 Leather skins and articles made from leather not included in other classes.
 Class 38 Articles of clothing.
 Class 39 Stationery.
 Class 40 Goods manufactured from india-rubber not included in other classes.
 Class 41 Furniture and upholstery.
 Class 42 Foodstuffs or ingredients for food.
 Class 43 Fermented liquors and spirits.
 Class 44 Mineral and aerated water.
 Class 45 Tobacco.
 Class 46 Seeds for agricultural and horticultural purposes.
 Class 47 Preparations for laundry purposes.
 Class 48 Perfumery.
 Class 49 Games of all kinds and sporting articles not included in other classes.
 Class 50 Goods not included in foregoing classes.